Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

I've been here before, but with no clear purpose other than curiosity. The last time, I was playing with the Google toys, but had no sense that what I was doing might be useful to anyone other than myself. I don't even remember when that last time was.

I have a sense of having moved a considerable distance in my life since that first tentative toe was dipped into the blog pool. For instance, both of my kids are now past the point where they need me to give them advice about much... not that I ever had to, even when they were still legally my responsibility. But now, with both of them in university, I am even less needed as either a father or a confidante. We still have fun and enjoy each other's company. It's just much less frequent, since they no longer live with me.

I wonder if this is a sign of successful parenting? I know their mother and I made some sound decisions when the boys were little - saving for their education was one. It is this decision and others like it that will be the substance of this blog, at least for a while. I believe some of the wisdom of my years may have value for others - particularly young fathers. I hope a few kind readers may help me to sort out exactly where this value lies.

I reserve the right to detour from time to time into topics that interest me in my life today, but mostly the point of this blog is to put some ideas into writing and let others tell me if they make sense.

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